Kremlin-Approved RusBurger Replaces McDonald’s in Crimea, Promises Delightful ‘Czar’ Burgers

Watch out, Shake Shack!
Watch out, Shake Shack! Photo: Courtesy of RusBurger

Crimea’s three Mickey D’s shuttered in Sevastopol back in April because of trouble sourcing ingredients, quote-unquote, right as Putin annexed the region, but now one is reopening as a RusBurger, a chain that proudly uses Russian veal in its Czar burgers and proud Slavic pears in its lemonade. It’s pretty much an as-expected power grab; the region has poseur McDonald’s aplenty, but there’s only one chain that’s like an undeclared act of war on all things American, with its “Taste of Russia” tagline and a mascot who exists purely to body-slam Ronald McDonald with the four-fingered hand that’s not curling a barbell. Even its flame-broiled burgers look lethal. [Bloomberg, Related]