Is Richard Blais’s Cat Food Ad the Biggest Reach Ever for a Top Chef Endorsement Deal?


Fancy Feast put Richard Blais to work on his own line of cat food, and the fruits of that labor are now just in. By the looks of it, the Top Chef franchise regular’s approach seems to have been relatively hands-off, and the conversation only finally turns to food when his “broths” randomly show up in the mail 90 seconds into the commercial. “I know a good broth when I see it,” says Blais, who we note does not actually taste the broth. In terms of subject material in relation to the chef, this one goes pretty far beyond Fabio Viviani’s shill for Domino’s “Artisan” pies, way past Edward Lee’s side work for Colonel Sanders, and probably even edges out Spike Mendelsohn’s efforts to extoll the virtues of prescription acid reflux medication.

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