ReBar Owner Banned From Restaurant Industry for Life

Stevens Photo: Facebook

Former reBar owner Jason Stevens will most likely serve his three-to-ten in jail for larceny and tax fraud, and he’s on the hook for the $1.1 million he bilked out of 73 couples who planned on having wedding receptions in Dumbo, whether or not he can repay the sum, and now the Attorney General’s Office has put the closest thing there may be to a cherry on top of this whole ordeal: Stevens faces a lifetime ban on ever operating a restaurant or catering business in the state again. A former employee articulates a feeling that has no doubt crossed the minds of reBar’s defrauded customers during the last few weeks, however, that the ban doesn’t go far enough. “He shouldn’t be allowed to do any kind of business. It shouldn’t just be limited to restaurants,” he tells DNAinfo. [DNAinfo, Related]