This Potato Salad Has Raised $9,600 and Counting on Kickstarter

Headed to Reykjavik.
Headed to Reykjavik. Photo: Zack Danger Brown/Kickstarter

First-time potato-salad-maker Zack Danger Brown figured Kickstarter was precisely the place to fund-raise $10 if he wanted to try making a bowl of the stuff. It turns out he was right, and now, with 25 days left, the joke-gone-viral is officially out of control, having topped $9,600 with promises to rent a venue for a big potato salad party and make some novelty spuds-themed trucker hats. What was initially fun and games, however, may end up causing a headache: Per Kickstarter terms, Brown has to say every backer’s name out loud while making salad — some 1,300 people so far — as well as figure out how to send “a bite” to people in places as far-flung as Reykjavik and Bucharest. Right now, that in particular isn’t looking very hopeful: “I need to look up shipping prices,” he says. “I don’t really know anything about shipping out of the country.” [Kickstarter via CNET]