That Potato-Salad Kickstarter Has Now Hit $40,000

Kickstarter. Photo: What's wrong with this picture?

Zach Danger Brown’s improbably successful crowd-funded foray into potato-salad-making, which benefited early from a nostalgia boost powered by the July 4th weekend, has leaped from a mere $9,600 and change yesterday to now, incredibly, $39,000 and counting. [Update: It hit $40,000 like 5 minutes after we published this post — it’s unstoppable.] The success has prompted everyone to wonder what’s wrong with a world that denies Detroit residents drinking water but empowers some dude to buy a truck-full of Miracle Whip. (Expect the thinkpieces on this shortly.) Brown warned donors from the get-go that he’s a slacker who’ll be buying the potatoes from Kroger, so expectations are already low; maybe it’s time for him to consider absconding with that haul and living out his days as an expat in Belize? [Kickstarter, Earlier]