Guy With Potato Salad Kickstarter Will Owe at Least $21,000 in Taxes

We hope it was worth it.
We hope it was worth it. Photo: Zack Danger Brown/Kickstarter

Because funds raised on Kickstarter are considered income in the United States, Zack Danger Brown will likely owe at least $21,167 in federal, city, and state taxes for his improbably successful crowd-funded campaign to make a simple bowl of potato salad. He’s got to have a slew of paperwork to fill out, too, according to Tax Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, which has posted a full rundown of Brown’s income and deductions. As of today, the potato salad campaign has raised $71,846, and while there’s a chance a savvy accountant may be able to qualify some of the funds as nontaxable gifts, it’s probably still going to be a five-figure tariff for those Yukon Golds. Dude better hold the mayo. [Tax Foundation, Related]