This Adorable Pikachu Burger Is About 15 Years Too Late

Gotta ketchup 'em all!
Gotta ketchup 'em all! Photo: Pokemonten_XY/Twitter

Rock Center’s short-lived Pokémon store (2001-2005) sold the odd piece of Pikachu-themed candy — we should know, we were there all the time — but it was nothing like this deluxe Pikachu burger, which is set to be served at a pop-up café in Tokyo that’s themed entirely around the little guy. Chez Pikachu is timed to promote the new movie Pokemon the Movie XY, and other offerings include a literally stellar Pikachu beef curry and this less-than-nutritious-looking parfait, which has been retweeted 8,900 times, so it must be doing something right. Our only complaint would be that the Pikachuburger is served with tortilla chips and salsa on the side instead of fries. Let’s just hope it’s Pika de gallo in that ramekin. [Eataku]