Angry Tweeting Chef Will Develop His Own Kitchen Nightmares-esque Show

Going places.
Going places. Photo: Bravo

Dallas chef John Tesar, of recent enraged-Twitter-meltdown fame, has signed a deal with a production company to assemble a show in which he makes “Gordon Ramsay style visits to restaurants and helps them improve their game.” However, Tesar says he’s not looking to follow in Ramsay’s screaming, fear-inducing footsteps, but rather come off as more of a nurturing role model, and — of course — address things like the “decreasing impact” of professional food critics. “It would be me going to a restaurant and help fix it up, but I want it to be interesting and not just a guy who yells in a kitchen,” he says, adding that he also needs to “do a few preliminary things like get with an entertainment attorney.” [CultureMap Dallas, Related]