Jerk Chicken Ramen With Scotch Bonnet Chili Paste Sounds Very Spicy

Ouch. Photo: Courtesy of Miss Lily's 7A

In the grand tradition of Dassara’s matzo ball variety and, well, thousands of other noodle bowls that don’t adhere strictly to the holy ramen quadrumvirate of tonkostsu, shio, shoyu, and miso comes this jerk chicken version now being served as a special at Miss Lily’s 7A Café. The soup at the East Village offshoot of Miss Lily’s also contains jerk pork belly, soy-marinated ackee, and chili paste made from fermented scotch bonnets. It’s $15 and is available Mondays starting tonight, then goes until supplies run out, and you’re probably going to need a fresh juice to go with that.