Ilan Hall’s the Gorbals Opens July 22 at Urban Outfitters in Williamsburg

Bad news is that no one's been able to water those plants since they were put up there. Photo: Urban Outfitters

It’s been more than a year since we found out that Williamsburg’s first Urban Outfitters — concept store code-named Space Ninety 8 — was getting a liquor license and a dining room, and nine months since we learned that the operation would be a New York outpost of Ilan Hall’s Los Angeles restaurant the Gorbals, and now we’re just over a week out from the opening. A press release tells us the menu is a "seasonal and mildy obscure mix of Scottish and Israeli-inspired foods," like bacon-wrapped matzoh balls, and Hall himself says he’s "sick of kale for the sake of kale." The whole endeavor already seems dangerously close to hitting its lifetime accumulated dose of hipness, so this could go any number of ways, really; all we know for sure right now is that kale Caesar isn’t one of them. [Earlier, Related]