Midwesterners Alarmed to Discover Their Ice-Cream Sandwiches Refuse to Melt

What one mom discovered probably won't astound you.
What one mom discovered probably won't astound you. Photo: Shutterstock

A concerned Cincinnati-area mom started asking questions after she discovered her son’s ice-cream sandwich was left outside in 80-degree weather and barely melted at all, even after 12 hours. She took a second Walmart-brand ice-cream sandwich, put it on the patio, and that one didn’t melt either. Cue the intrepid local news station, which conducted a side-by-side investigation of three brands and found that while a pint of Häagen-Dazs deteriorated rapidly in full sun, the Walmart Great Value sandwich pretty much held its shape and didn’t melt, thanks in part to gum-stabilizers and a relative dearth of butterfat and cream. “Walmart’s sandwiches contain less, so they are more affordable,” the chain said in a statement. “But they are healthy and meet all FDA guidelines.” [WCPO]