This Ice-Cream Sandwich Just Will Not Melt


Last week we heard about the intrepid Cincinnati-area mom who was alarmed to find out her son's ice-cream sandwich hadn't melted even after it was accidentally left out in the 80-degree sun for 12 hours, and then again when she replicated the results with a second Walmart-brand bar. The retailer responded by saying its sandwiches don't readily render into puddles of sticky goo because they in fact contain less cream and butterfat, but that the treats are totally FDA-approved and besides, the dairy-deficient factor also keeps the price point down. Here, one of the guys from some place called Kickin' Country 100.5 Sioux Falls taps into his inner investigative journalist by leaving his own Walmart ice-cream sandwich out for more than an hour. Watch as a control scoop of another kind of ice cream next to it turns into a puddle, then as the guy feeds the melted stuff to his dog.

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