This Guy Has the Ability to Pour Beer With His Head


William, who is visiting Charleston and loves the city, says as much just moments before he somehow affixes an ordinary cold and full can of beer onto his forehead, cracks it open, and proceeds to pour it into a pint glass without spilling a single drop. Bald-beer-can-pourer-man comments-section truthers will inevitably try to shoot this one full of holes, but there’s no apparent trickery involved, just the powers of suction and hairlessness working in super-efficient tandem. In other words, we want to believe.

That said, it’s interesting that the beer in question is Holy City Brewing Company’s Follicle Brown Ale, the same brew that allegedly led to the firing of the hirsute college professor whose portrait appears on the can. We’re just going to go ahead and chalk that up to a weird kind of poetic symmetry, though, and let this guy — and his really useful superpower — bask in his newfound fame.

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