Golden Cadillac Will Close Thursday

The trashy-glam bar needs a new transmission.
The trashy-glam bar needs a new transmission. Photo: Melissa Hom

So there are only three solid nights left of Golden Cadillac as we know it, before the engine is switched off and its owners turn it into “something new.” The East Village establishment opened in November of 2013, losing talented head bartender Giuseppe Gonzalez just after that. Golden Cadillac scored a major coup later a bit later on in its admittedly brief life by bringing on mixed drinks genius Don Lee, but apparently, New York wasn’t ready for the grand return of some of the most simultaneously glam and trashy cocktails of all time, including Disco Daiquiris, Rockettes, Tequila Sunrises, Hot Buttery Nipples, Harvey Wallbangers, and Pink Chihuahuas. [Zagat, Related]