Tokyo Finally Has Its Very Own Final Fantasy Café

Date night!

Anyone in Tokyo who is sick and tired of Pikachuburgers can now enjoy this Moogle angel-food cake at their very own Final Fantasy–themed restaurant. Eorzea is a joint venture between Pasela Resorts and Square Enix, the company that makes the video game, and it's apparently modeled around a locale called Carline Canopy from the current game, Final Fantasy XIV (yes, that many). The décor is part Aetherial Bladed Lantern Shields, part floating Moogles, one of whom must've lent its likeness for the dessert. No word on what the Texas toast with a pat of butter on mixed greens is doing there, but the menu offers the RPG's die-hard fans a unique chance to non-virtually savor cioppino-esque fish soup in thematic blue broth while sipping potion bottles through a sword straw. [Game Watch Impress, Related]