Cherry Cheesecake-Flavored E-Cigarettes Are Apparently Just the Beginning

Have your cake and smoke it, too.
Have your cake and smoke it, too. Photo: Shutterstock

While it’s been illegal for legacy tobacco to churn out old-fashioned cigarettes in kid-tempting flavors for five years now, the largely unregulated e-cigarette sector has been having a field day with easy-to-produce, increasingly baroque “flavors” like graham-banana, cherry cheesecake, and “Gingerbread Man.” Various manufacturers are cranking out some 250 such flavors a month, nearly all of them dessert-themed, despite critics like West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller, who told manufacturers at a hearing in June, “You’re what’s wrong with this country.” One company insists the average age for its cherry-flavored variety is 40, however, and even NJOY, a popular e-cig-maker that said last year it avoids candy and fruit flavors because “they drive regulators crazy,” has a change of heart. The company, which counts Bruno Mars and former Facebook executive Sean Parker among its investors, will introduce “Butter Crumble” and “Black and Blue Berry” flavors in the coming weeks. [NYT]