This Prankster Put Two Domino’s on the Same Call and Let Them Take Each Other’s Order


In surely what amounts to one of the least mean-spirited phone pranks to surface on Reddit, mischievous YouTube user Tyson Williams rings up his local Domino’s, orders four pizzas, puts the employee on hold, then calls up another Domino’s and asks employee No. 1 to repeat the order back, which employee No. 2 promptly interprets as a brand-new order. You can see where this goes — and on it keeps going, until both sides’ minds melt. “This happens all the time,” one former Domino’s employee chimes in on the post, which is yet another compelling reason why fast-food workers ought to make more than minimum wage — you know, because this is what they have to deal with.

Two Dominos branches on the same call [Reddit]