Domino’s Charges Teen $300,000 for a Pizza

Worth every penny.
Worth every penny. Photo: Domino's

Nathaniel Bolwell, a 19-year-old kid from Wales, was pretty sure he had about £400 in his account when his debit card was declined at the supermarket, so he checked with his bank Lloyds and discovered he hadn’t exactly gotten a bargain on the large cheese pizza he ordered from Domino’s: The chain accidentally charged him the equivalent of $300,000 instead of $30. “Not even the poshest meal in the poshest restaurant would cost anything like that even if I took all my friends and family out,” Bolwell says. “How did it allow Domino’s to take all that money?” (For its part, Domino’s said it “immediately flagged” the transaction.) The purchase went through as authorized, in any event, and outside of what were likely some intense heart palpitations in the beginning, Bolwell made it out of the ordeal okay. Lloyds even gave him £100 for the hassle. [Wales Online via NYDN]