Someone Posted a Picture of a Dead Rodent Inside Their Chop’t Wrap

Fievel went a little too far West, it seems.
Fievel went a little too far West, it seems.Photo: Julia Casteleiro/Twitter

This graphic photo purports to be of a damp and dead rat found inside a wrap prepared at a lower Manhattan branch of fast-casual chain Chop’t. Gothamist tracks down the restaurant’s owner, who says he’s “doing a deep clean” of the store, which remains closed this afternoon. Both Twitter users who posted different angles of the same, sad meal ordered by their “colleague” have since deleted their tweets, so this whole thing could turn out to be a hoax. In the meantime, people really still order wraps? [Gothamist]

* This post has been updated to show the Chop’t restaurant’s location is in Manhattan, not Queens.