Couple Asked to Kindly Stop Having Sex on Chipotle’s Roof

You go, Delaware!
You go, Delaware! Photo: Chipotle Mexican Grill

Lots of people who just wanted to enjoy their burritos in peace at the Chipotle at East Main Street in Newark, Delaware, dialed 911 to complain about the folks having sex on the roof Saturday night, but local police say that it was the officer who “clearly observed” a man and a woman perched at the “very front” of the fast-casual store’s roof, about 20 minutes prior to close, who really cinched it. He told them they had to quit it, which they did, “15 to 20 seconds later.” The pair then tried to escape but were caught and charged including with conspiracy, indecent exposure, resisting arrest, lewdness, and, of course, loitering. Chances are this isn’t part of a viral marketing campaign for humanely raised carnitas or sofritas. [CBS Philly]