First Colombia Starbucks Promises to Brew Only Local Coffee

Three floors of fair-trade Colombian-ness.
Three floors of fair-trade Colombian-ness. Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks

The fancy, trilevel Bogotá Starbucks that debuted yesterday is the first, the chain says, of 50 in Juan Valdez’s stronghold, which is probably why the offerings will be limited to 100 percent Colombian beans, including the chain’s single-origin espresso, first released in April, from Nariño, a prodigious coffee-growing region that’s attracted Nespresso as well as NGOs trying to get their growers livable wages. “Given the dependence we have on Colombian coffee farmers we wanted to tread very lightly over the years,” Howard Schultz said in an interview. The coffee chain’s chief executive added that he wanted to make an introduction “in a way that was very respectful and through the lens of humility.” [AP/NYDN]