Cocktails Made With Energy Drinks Make You Want to Drink More

Gives you a hangover.
Gives you a hangover. Photo: Shutterstock

It sounds like common sense, but now there’s a scientific study that suggests there’s a good chance that the fruit-juice-sweetened vodka (or rum) and Red Bull cocktail you order as a pick-me-up might compel you to order way too many more fruit-juicy Red Bull and vodkas. “Caffeine, being a stimulant, tends to bring out the stimulant effects of alcohol intoxication,” they write, explaining that people who drank the energy-drink-laced cocktails were more likely to say their drink tasted better than folks who got vodka, juice, and traditional soda, and the Red Bull contingent also expressed a “greater urge for more.”

Researchers say the results don’t indicate that consuming energy drinks leads to more alcohol consumption, and an industry group called the American Beverage Association says the study only “measures how people feel and not what they actually do,” so we’re just going to go ahead and suggest that the real takeaway is that more people should learn how to make a solid Old-Fashioned.

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