Cheap Eats Favorite Cheeky Sandwiches Will Reopen in 2 Weeks

They'll be back.
They'll be back. Photo: Ryan Monaghan/New York Magazine

Din Yates’s po’ boy-centric Cheeky Sandwiches triumphantly pops up this week on the Underground Gourmet’s towering 101 Best Cheap Eats list — it’s ranked at No. 88 — but the Orchard Street café itself is temporarily out of commission, for two more weeks at least. Yates indicates he’s working out some issues with the health department, which shuttered the establishment two weeks ago, citing vermin issues, so the beloved shop is undergoing some previously planned renovations at the same time it’s working on getting back up to code. If all goes as planned, Cheeky will have extra seating in its basement when it reopens. [Bowery Boogie, Related]