A Cupcake Shop Knew About the LeBron News a Week Ago

Today's special flavor: Oracular.
Today's special flavor: Oracular. Photo: Getty Images

It’s been a weird week for cupcakes, which have gone down as some kind of scourge on all things baked and frosted, but let the historical record show that one little shop in Canton, Ohio, called Caroline’s Cupcakes sort of knew LeBron James was heading back to Cleveland before the rest of the world did. “Just texting with a friend who is directly tied in with Lebron and his camp, and he swears on his life #TheReturn to Cleveland is a done deal,” the shop’s social media director wrote in a Facebook message posted July 5, before also spreading the word on Twitter. So, in a way, a Magnolia knockoff scooped ESPN and Sports Illustrated; that certainly scores one for cupcake-kind. [Sports Grid, Related, Related]