The Brontë Sisters Finally Get Their Own 52-Proof Blackberry Liqueur

How lush: Proceeds from sales of this booze will be donated to the Brontë Society. Photo: Bront? Liqueur Co. Ltd

"Nature and Books belong to the eyes that see them," it says beneath the label of this Brontë Liqueur, which is 26 percent ABV. and flavored with blackberry, sloe drupes, and what are no doubt probably equal parts jasmine and fleeting joy. The producer of the new booze attributes the line to Emily Brontë, but it's actually a lovely bit from a Ralph Waldo Emerson essay published in 1844, the year before Emily started on Wuthering Heights. Other than that, this liqueur is faultless and is destined, eventually, to come to the U.S., where it will inevitably wend its way into an untold number of doomed affairs. It's just the thing to sip while wandering the moors, in the drizzle, to shake off a nightmare. You know, the one in which Heathcliff turns into a Bukowski beer bro. [Official site via Spirits Business]