Bradley Cooper Toiled at Burger King to Prepare for His Next Role

He's mastered the Whopper. Photo: Alessio Botticelli/GC Images

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor spent a few hours working on the Whopper line at a London Burger King before returning to film scenes there on Monday. Cooper is starring in a movie that used to be Chef — at least, before Jon Favreau made a movie called Chef — and the setting makes sense because, in Steven Knight's script, the character Cooper plays, a once-great outcast chef returning to the scene, interviews line cooks for his comeback restaurant in the dining area of a fast-food spot and riffs on how much he admires the consistency of mass-produced hamburgers. "The aim was to learn the 'art of the flip,' which he nailed fairly quickly," a source said of Cooper's performance. "There was no real fanfare from him. You’d never know he was a big star by the way he spoke to people." We're just going to go ahead and speculate Cooper's onboard with upping the minimum wage of his fellow burger-flippers. [Mirror]