This Banned Captain Morgan’s Ad Doesn’t Seem So Bad

Hear, hear!
Hear, hear! Photo: Alcohol Concern/Facebook

England’s Advertising Standards Authority, an agency akin to the Federal Trade Commission, has come to the aid of poor Facebook users who, besieged by this innocuous-seeming Captain Morgan’s ad, couldn’t determine if the troublemaking “Captain and crew were celebrating the end of mid-week boredom, achieved through coming together,” or more insidiously implied that a rum-fueled get-together “could overcome boredom and was capable of changing mood” — clearly a fine line, even for a Facebook wall posting that likely took two minutes for a Captain Morgan’s intern to bang out. Though producer Diageo argued this one was just one of many, many more Facebook posts, several of which encouraged responsible drinking, the company was forced to take it down. [Spirits Business]