Baked by Melissa’s Original Soho Location Will Go Out in Blaze of Free Cupcakes

The tie-dyed cupcakes will continue to be available at its one million other locations. Photo: Raya Jalabi

The five-year-old kiosk that begat the entire mini-empire of thirteen subsequent Baked by Melissa locations will permanently close in a few days, not because no one wants to eat quarter-size, tie-dyed cupcakes anymore, but because a long-in-the-works construction project at Broadway and Spring Street is finally set to kick in. Henceforth, the end of some sort of era will be commemorated on Monday, July 21, when Melissa herself will hand out free cupcakes between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., just as it was in the beginning. Stop by and relive all your glorious buttercream memories, if you have them, just don't call it a cupcakepocalypse — Melissa has a Soho pop-up shop less than two blocks away, on Broadway between Houston and Prince streets, as it turns out. [Official site, Related]