9/11 Museum Café Drops Plans to Serve Alcohol and a Full Food Menu

Danny Meyer's company will still operate the café.
Danny Meyer's company will still operate the café.Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group has switched its plans for the 80-seat café that it will operate in the Pavilion at the 9/11 Museum & Museum. Back in May, Meyer suggested that customers would be able to order from a “subdued, seasonal, mostly vegetarian menu,” but museum officials now say the café will serve only pastries, tea, and coffee when it debuts later this month. Also scrapped: plans to serve alcoholic beverages. As Steve Cuozzo points out in the Post, a place to snack and talk makes sense, and Danny Meyer is as skilled an operator as the city has, but paring the actual offerings way down feels like the correct move here, too. [NYP, Related]