Fishmonger Releases 75-Year-Old, 18-Pound Lobster Instead of Letting Someone Eat It

No one holds Luke Oceanwalker upside-down by his tail. No one!

Lots of people wanted to buy and cook the lobster the guys at Mullaney's Harborside Fish Market in Scituate, Massachusetts, had taken to calling Luke, especially during Independence Day weekend. But after careful consideration, proprietor Joby Norton decided to let the crustacean go. Fishmongers were unsure of Luke's exact age but posited he was around 75 years old, and in any event, he's not telling. So after some mingling with the chix, Luke hitched a ride on a fishing boat far out beyond Scituate Harbor late last night and is now safely back home, where he will no doubt begin plotting his revenge on his "benevolent" captors. Or maybe he'll just munch on some clams and sea urchins. [Mullaney's/Facebook, Patriot-Ledger]