Trailblazing Restaurant wd~50 Will Close Later This Year

Wylie Dufresne opened the restaurant in April, 2003. Photo: Dylan Rives/Getty Images

Chef Wylie Dufresne took to Twitter this afternoon to casually announce some major news: November 30 will mark the final night of service at wd~50, Dufresne's pioneering, 11-year-old restaurant on Clinton Street.

While the modernist and almost unfathomably influential chef has not yet explained the tweet, and details of the last days of wd~50 are yet to be announced, it's well known that an incoming Clinton Street residential construction project is expected to commence on a real estate parcel that includes the restaurant.

"We’re not going anywhere! Don’t worry," the chef told Grub earlier this spring, so perhaps — hopefully — we're just looking at the end of this particular version of wd~50, and the restaurant will continue on in another form.

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