Uber Tested Burger Delivery Service Yesterday in Oakland

Maybe Corner Bistro could start a truck?
Maybe Corner Bistro could start a truck? Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Your Uber cabbie now doubles as your personal food delivery guy. Or he at least did yesterday in Oakland, where for three hours and $20, app users could click a burger icon and summon lunch for two: cheeseburgers, potato salads, and chocolate-chip cookies from popular San Francisco burger truck Doc’s of the Bay. Is the burger-delivery coming next to Manhattan? Well, so far it seems that it’s just another onetime stunt, along the lines of its past ice-cream-truck-hailing day and kittens and cupcakes on demand, but if Uber ran with this, the lump-sum charge à la Caviar would at least help demystify tipping, even if that noontime surge-priced burger does set you back $60. Depending on the provenance, of course, people would probably pay for the convenience. [SFGate]