Here’s an Exclusive Preview of The Feed


Next month Gail Simmons, Marcus Samuelsson, and Max Silvestri, whose Grub Street diet last week was one of the most intense we’ve had in a while, will make their debut in The Feed, FYI Network’s new series described as “part road show, part food adventure, part talk show.” From the looks of things, this encompasses raw-egg tosses, whole-hog butchery, bowls of breakfast ramen, and ibuprofen-rimmed cocktails. Season one consists of six one-hour episodes covering everything from organic gum to the Sriracha shortage. “It’s a real conversation about food,” Simmons told Grub Street at the recent A&E; upfronts. “Not too serious, right for this very moment in the universe.”

The Feed
airs its first episode Saturday, July 12 at 9 p.m. ET on FYI Network.