Sushi Nakazawa Owner Will Next Open ‘Seafood-Oriented’ Restaurant

It may even have a sushi counter.
It may even have a sushi counter. Photo: Sarah Silberg

It’s definitely an understatement to say that Alessandro Borgognone has a hit on his hands with the ten-month-old Sushi Nakazawa, and of course it makes sense that a sequel of sorts would follow. Borgognone intimates that Daisuke Nakazawa, Sushi Nakazawa’s masterful chef, may not be involved in his next place, but among the few details he does disclose is that the new restaurant will be “seafood-oriented” and the opening involves bringing another “great” chef to New York. “It’s going to be a restaurant that once again, like Sushi Nakazawa, is not going to be pretentious,” he says. “I hate anything pretentious by the way. I’m a regular guy. I promise you, it will be great and you’ll hear about it in a few weeks.” [Daily Meal, Related]