Subway to Sell Terrible Coffee With Its Horrible Sandwiches

K-cups and footlongs, together at last.
K-cups and footlongs, together at last. Photo: Dwight Burdette/Wikimedia

Everybody’s after their slice of the breakfast market these days, and the chain’s assortment of egg flatbreads apparently aren’t cutting it, even with the avocado option. What are the nation’s 30,000 Subways to do? Corporate’s bold plan is to put single-serve Keurig coffee in every single one of them. Some locations already offer K-Cup’s crimes against coffee, a major coup for Keurig. In a statement about the partnership, David Zambory, Subway’s head of beverages, praises “Keurig’s ability to deliver variety, quality, and freshness on demand,” mostly because that demand is “at breakfast.” Now, in precisely the same sense that your footlong is “made fresh,” your morning coffee can be too. [Official site]