Someone Stole the Spotted Pig’s Mascot

Have you seen this pig?

It's probably the most dastardly thing to have happened in the NYC restaurant community in the last 22-odd hours: In the middle of the night, someone apparently stole the mascot that's been hanging placidly outside of the Spotted Pig for the last ten years. April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman, who happen to be in the midst of celebrating the restaurant's anniversary, are now looking for surveillance tape or eyewitnesses to come forward, and otherwise are asking people to use the #findthepig hashtag in order to assist the pig's safe return. (Here's hoping this isn't a PR — cough, Cabrito, cough — maneuver.) If all else falls, just remember that nose-to-tail chef Bloomfield has a very particular set of skills, skills she's acquired over a very long career, and skills that make her a nightmare for people like restaurant mascot thieves. Let's not have this turn out like Taken meets Babe: Pig in the City; it's offal enough already. [Related]