Did the Lower East Side Just Lose Its Last Kosher Restaurant? [Updated]

Shalom Chai served slices.
Shalom Chai served slices. Photo: iStockphoto

In a sign of the times, the Lower East Side is now officially devoid of full-service restaurants where kosher-keeping folks can eat. The Forward notes that the holdout appears to have been Shalom Chai, a pizzeria (and deli, and falafelry, and erstwhile knishery) with frequent DOH issues, which was evicted at the end of May from the Seward Park Co-op–owned strip on Grand Street that Noah’s Ark also used to occupy. Kosher restaurant customers will have to venture north of Houston, where, the Forward notes, Angelica Kitchen’s new kosher certification is well timed. Update: Despite an eviction notice and legal proceedings, Shalom Chai remains open, for the most part. “I’m going to stay as long as it is possible,” says owner David Tgar. [Forward, Related]