Shake Shack Fans Weigh In on David Chang’s Monumental Shrimp Stack Burger

That does look pretty delicious.

Earlier today, Shake Shack's limited-edition David Chang "Shrimp Stack" burger made some kind of history, attracting the longest line ever in the chain's ten-year life span. With only 1,000 shrimp-patty-topped burgers in stock and a nearly mile-long queue that coiled around Madison Square Park and back again, the big question is: Was it at all worth the wait? This photo, taken by writer Priya Krishna, depicts the main event was all about, which looks pretty delicious. More on the "amazing," "absolutely sublime," and "worth it" hamburger, straight ahead, along with some ineluctably cranky dispatches from the line.

Of course, waiting in long lines isn't for everybody:

For context on the absolute pandemonium that went down earlier in Madison Square Park, just check out these dispatches:

Finally, the madness at least seems to be winding down.

And in case you were wondering, Andrew Zimmern's "AZ Cabrito Burger" is up tomorrow.

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