Shake Shack Customers Waited 109 Million Minutes for Hamburgers

Daniel Humm's black-truffle burger.
Daniel Humm's black-truffle burger. Photo: Evan Sung

Collectively, that is. HuffPost crunched the numbers and says that, with 1,500 customers a day and an average wait-time of 20 minutes, customers at the hamburger chain have waited 109,500,000 minutes, or some 208 years. The margin of error on this is no doubt offset by the very, very long lines this week. Today’s limited-edition, cheffed-up burger timed to commemorate Shake Shack’s tenth anniversary is a black-truffle-and-Gruyère-topped version made by Daniel Humm. There are already people in queue at Madison Square Park, and in Shack-spillover news, there was apparently even a “stupidly long” line at the chain’s JFK location when it opened at 6 a.m. The celebrations end tomorrow with April Bloomfield’s contribution, presumably after which time the chain’s flagship will revert to its usual 20-minute wait. [HuffPost, Related]