Jerry Seinfeld and Sarah Jessica Parker Debate the Finer Points of Tipping for Incredibly Famous People

She just moves the decimals.
She just moves the decimals. Photo: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

While Vulture ponders whether everything is all right with Jerry Seinfeld, who’s now singing his own theme song for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, it’s funny to hear his thoughts on being famous and leaving tips. At the beautiful Colony Diner in East Meadow, Long Island, Jerry wonders how much they should leave on a $37 check. Sarah Jessica Parker suggests $10, and Jerry balks. “That’s not enough?” she asks, explaining “you move the decimals” to glean the correct amount. It turns out there’s a built-in rule of excess when it comes to diner tabs, Seinfeld says, and while we don’t see the final amount, we’re guessing he leaves somewhere around 20 percent. [Official site, Vulture]