Sbarro Wants to Reinvent Itself As an ‘Artisanal’ Eatery

Straight out of Brooklyn.

Sbarro, which somehow missed the news five years ago that the word artisanal no longer has much meaning, apparently plans to "reinvent" itself, post-second-bankruptcy, as an eatery defined by that very word. The company, once upon a time a Bensonhurst deli that sliced salami with the best of 'em, also says it's departing its Melville headquarters for Ohio's greener pastures; at the end of the summer, most of the 40 Long Island employees will be laid off. The Ohio move seems to have been afoot for a while: In the past year, Sbarro has launched a Neapolitan-style spinoff there and, more telling, announced it planned to rebrand its Columbus locations as "Sbarro Brooklyn Fresh." [Newsday]