Guy Lands Design Job by Posting His Résumé on Beer Bottles

See? Beer really can help you land the job of your dreams. Photo: Courtesy of Resum-Ale

Enterprising graphic designer Brennan Gleason printed his résumé on a four-pack of homebrew he christened Résum-Ale — "a nice blonde ale," he explains. Gleason's also blond, and according to the label, he and the beer share other qualities, too, like being "visually pleasing" and "smooth and elegant" with "a bit of a wild side." It took seven weeks to ferment and condition the beer, so while he waited, Gleason formatted his résumé to fit a four-pack carrier and labeled each bottle with a project out of his portfolio and QR code. "I sent about three of them out to places I knew I really wanted to get a job at," he says, "and ended up getting a few offers right away." [HuffPo]