There’s a Restaurant That’s Only Hiring People via Snapchat

No, not creepy at all or anything. Why do you ask? Photo: Shutterstock

This can't end well: Instead of a "BORING!" call for résumés, Sober Lane, a pub opening next month in Dublin, wants the largely young-ish applicant pool for its 20 job openings to Snapchat a photo or video. "Forget Discretion!" is the company's advice in a Facebook help-wanted post that's really asking for it: "When making an impression, Sober Lane is our obsession, it's all about the session, let's hear your confession, if you want a profession." Owner Earnest Cantillon, who guesses his badass rhyming schematic has netted 800 messages so far, suggests applicants try to "make them think 'this is a person I would like to meet.'" Unfortunately perhaps, he forgot to stipulate "... in a SFW environment." [Journal]