Australians Now Putting Nutella Globs and Nerds Candy in Their Coffee


Piccolo Me, a café and brew-bar pop-up company based in Sydney, already bottles its own Nutella iced coffee, which is exactly what it sounds like, and next week it's adding something it calls a "Nerdtella Bomb" to the menu, for a limited time.


Yes, that's a glob of Nerd-spiked Nutella on a stick.Photo: Fire-snow/Reddit

What you get, essentially, from the looks of it, is a nice fair-trade latte with some precision foam art, which you then totally obliterate by plopping a giant payload of Nerds-candy-spiked Nutella into the glass. You stir, wait, and drink; when it's all over, you use a spoon to dislodge the less fortunate pieces of Wonka candy embedded in that benthic layer of hazelnut spread at the bottom of the cup.

"I can't imagine how sickly sweet that must be. A blob of nutella and nerds? May as well throw in some sugar sachets and complete the package," a Reddit user writes, and it seems hard to disagree. Still, Australia gets flat whites and Nutella lattes at their coffee shops while we get Oprah Chai and "wellness" yogurt smoothies made with kale? Something's not right about this.

Piccolo Me
[Official site via Reddit]