Scrapple Is Having a Serious Moment Right Now

Ivan Ramen's gonzo scrapple waffle.
Ivan Ramen's gonzo scrapple waffle. Photo: Daniel Maurer

It’s improbable, but it certainly seems like the regional Pennsylvania specialty meat product is experiencing something of a renaissance, with chefs opting to make their own: The ham hock and pork belly version is hopped up with habaneros at the just-opened Sweet Chick on Ludlow Street, Patti Jackson’s proudly serves scrapple brunch at Delaware and Hudson, and Ivan Orkin serves a pork shoulder scrapple pressed in a waffle-maker at his Clinton Street restaurant. It’s also made with chicken hearts and livers, too, but that seemingly hasn’t deterred anyone from ordering it. “It’s a freakin’ hunk of meat made into a waffle!” Orkin says, explaining the appeal. [Bedford + Bowery, Related]