Mike D Has So Many Feelings About Burgundy

And don't even get him started on Semilion.
And don't even get him started on Semilion. Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Accomplished wine blogger and guest magazine editor Mike D answers Daily Intelligencer’s “21 Questions,” referencing a blowout meal cooked by César Ramirez at Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare in its early days, and his more quotidian routine of eating baked tofu and quinoa. The subject turns to drinks, and the Beastie Boy gets serious about the ineffable power of nice wine. “I’m a Burgundy person,” he says. “This can lead to almost tearfully beautiful experiences but also to a lot of disappointment and heartbreak. Burg is like real life or art, when it is on, it is beyond words, but it is often not because it can be fragile.” That, basically, is about as far away from Brass Monkey as you can get. [Daily Intelligencer]