McDonald’s Tricked People With the Promise of Nonexistent Jobs for a Lame Ad


America’s least favorite fast-food chain set up a stunt that must have sounded good at the time: They put out a casting call for a new Vegas show called Hunger in the Night, inviting hopefuls to come and audition for the horror-themed musical. (No, it’s not a show about McDonald’s terrifying Happy Meal mascot.) The casting call was fake, and it only existed so the chain could get footage of people acting like zombies for a web ad designed to remind people that Mickey D’s is open 24 hours. “People are, like, please I need this role,” points out one presumed hopeful. But nope! That release form you signed just gives McDonald’s permission to use your likeness in its marketing material — probably not the role most people would have signed up for, given the choice.

McDonald’s Punks Vegas Locals with Fake Zombie Auditions [Review Journal]
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