Rogue ‘Master Softee’ Trucks Won’t Stop Trolling NYC Streets

There's one right now.
There's one right now. Photo: Dan Nishimoto/sintalentos/Twitter

There’s an illegal fleet of fakeout Mister Softees roaming city streets right now, and last week, Judge Laura Taylor Swain granted an injunction, ruling “it’s obvious” that (presumably disgruntled) former Mister Softee franchisee Dimitrios Tsirkos’s “anthropomorphized waffle cone character with a blue jacket and red bow tie” is meant to have “an appearance similar to [the] plaintiff’s Mister Softee trucks” and confuse poor children, “who are relatively unsophisticated consumers.” A private eye retained by Mister Softee co-owner Jim Conway spotted ten impostor trucks in Manhattan over the weekend, photographs of which Conway plans to submit as evidence to the court, which means this summer could already be shaping up as one of the most contentious ice-cream truck seasons on record. [Daily Intelligencer]