Here’s Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain Talking Fighter Jets and Pancakes in ‘The High Road’

They also ride the bus around town.
They also ride the bus around town. Photo: Hulu

The third episode of “The High Road With Mario Batali” has the chef take Tony Bourdain to visit the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum to look at some “gorgeous” planes. The two basically revert to gear geeks as they get comfy in helicopter cockpits and tour the innards of submarines, while Batali quizzes the Parts Unknown host on the dangerous places he’s toured while filming. They also talk Teddy Bear pancakes, ride around on the double-decker tour bus Batali brought out for previous guests George Stephanopoulos and Gabrielle Hamilton, and keep things light: “There’ll be no more Donkey Sauce in Times Square in around two minutes,” Bourdain says, commandeering the periscope to set its sights on Guy Fieri’s place. Then they play bocce on the aircraft carrier’s deck.

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