Man Decides to Push Brussels Sprouts Up Mountain With His Nose

The arsenal.
The arsenal. Photo: Ocean

Armed with a backpack full of spares, Stuart Ketell will push a Brussels sprout 9.5 miles up Mount Snowdon in Wales to raise money for a cancer charity, starting July 30. He’s been training for this moment: A 0.1 mile test-run took 50 minutes and left one sprout “mashed-up,” so Ketell estimates the entire challenge will take four days and 50 sprouts. He’ll don a baseball player’s nose guard, as well as elbow, hand, and knee padding for the challenge, while his vegetables won’t be so lucky. Paraphrasing George Mallory’s famous quip about Everest, Ketell is climbing Snowdon because it’s there, but what about his choice of Brussels sprouts? Does it matter? This man is a cruciferous crusader.

A man plans to push a Brussels sprout up a mountain with his nose for charity
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